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Your Acupuncture Treatment

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is just one of many different styles of Acupuncture available to the world. This is the style that I use and it encompasses many techniques other than acupuncture to achieve results.

In addition to needles, your session may include other techniques such as:

  • Gua Sha

  • Chinese Cupping

  • Moxibustion

  • Electronic Stimulation

  • Herbal recommendation and formulation on site
  • Chinese Diet Therapy recommendations

My Approach to Treatment

My approach to treatment is to truly understand what you need by listening attentively to what you tell me,  and also observing what your body is telling me. Your body is responsible for its’ own healing–I simply serve as a tool in helping it to discover balance.

I also practice a painless style of acupuncture using very thin filiform needles that are specially designed for smooth, painfree insertion.

An integral part of my practice involves patient education. I take great care in educating you on your treatment in the following areas:

Your Diagnosis: Understand what your underlying patterns of disorder and what that means to you

General Concepts: Translate the language of TCM into Western concepts so that you are able to relate to your treatments

Your Treatment Plan: Have a clear idea regarding frequency and number of treatments required for you to achieve results

Your Prescription: Understand the purpose of the herbal therapy including how and when to take your herbs

Your Lifestyle Recommendations: Understand the recommendations made for you including functional excercises, diet therapy, meditation, etc.

At the end of your first treatment, you will have a clear idea of what we are treating, how we are treating it, why we are employing the chosen techniques, and what you can expect as far as progress and results.

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