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Chinese Food Therapy

Chinese diet therapy began with the first development of farming techniques. Farmers analyzed food that was grown for its’ medicinal properties as much as for its’ tastiness.  They began to understand that food could be used to protect from and fight against disease.  I believe this still holds true in today’s modern world more than ever.  Food and dietary habits are our first line of defense in maintaining physical, emotional and psychological health.  As part of our work together, we will analyze your diet according to Chinese medical theory and prescribe specific foods and habits that will enhance your overall treatment regimen, and ultimately, your results.  

The Five Flavors & Their Corresponding Organs

The Chinese concluded that there were 5 Flavors of food. Each flavor influences a specific organ to produce a physiological response relative to that organ. In turn, the organ functionality had a direct influence on corresponding bodily tissues. The 5 Flavors & Their Corresponding Organs and Tissues:

From these associations, they further concluded that certain flavors could be used to influence organ systems and the corresponding tissues of the body.

  • sweet–>spleen–>flesh
  • sour–>liver–>muscles and tendons
  • bitter–>heart–>blood
  • salty–>kidney–>bones
  • pungent–>lungs–>skin

When the flavors are eaten in moderation, the corresponding organ remains in harmony. If however, a particular flavor is abused, disharmony can result.

Most people tend to prefer specific flavors and thus tend to overeat foods with that flavor. This damages the function of the related organ, and consequently, its corresponding tissue.

Do you crave certain foods?

It’s also interesting to note that when you crave certain flavors of food, then it is an indication that there is an imbalance in the corresponding organ system. The imbalance is then reflected in a disease state of the corresponding tissue.

Your Chinese Dietary Analysis

When you come in for your First Treatment, we will do an analysis of your diet based on Chinese Food Therapy principles.  You will be given dietary advice specific to your bodies needs that will help it to function at an optimal level, and help to alleviate the condition we are working on.

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