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Chinese Herbal Medicine

What It Is, What It Does

Herbal Medicine is often not on my patients minds when they come in for Chinese Medical treatment. Most people are focused on receiving acupuncture… however, acupuncture is often only a a single facet of your treatment regimen.

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a powerful therapy in your overall treatment regimen.  I like to describe herbal medicine as our “internal medicine” component.  In China, herbal remedies have been prescribed for thousands of years and are regularly prescribed in hospitals alongside pharmaceutical drugs today.  Herbs are used to treat disease and enhance our overall health and wellbeing by ingestion of specific natural plants, mineral and sometimes animal components.  Your herbal prescription will enhance your health by restoring functionality within the body’s many systems.  They are all natural, cost effective and free of side effects.

Herbs are also one of the oldest (and most popular and widely used) forms of health care. Please be open to the idea of Chinese herbs as part of your treatment…they are extremely powerful and can truly enhance the results you will get.

Studies have shown that as much as 40% of all American adults use herbal therapy, with the amount of money spent on these remedies in this country each year in the tens of billions. This number is even higher overseas, with some countries reporting a usage rate of 75% or greater.

What Exactly Are the ‘Herbs’?

The term “herbal medicine” refers to the use of a plant’s seed, berries, roots, leaves, bark or flowers for medicinal purposes.

The term is used loosely, however, because Chinese herbalists will use more, shall we say, ‘exotic’ ingredients in a formula if needed. Ingredients such as deer antler, beetle, and even gecko are not unheard of.

Do not let this scare you though! Most of the formulas I prescribe are a granular base. The ingredients are either ground to an extremely fine grain or the active ingredients can be extracted and then bound to a filler substance. Your formula will appear to be a fine powder and nothing more.

If the thought of some of these substances is unpalatable to you, please keep an open mind in that I’m simply trying to benefit you in the most effective way possible. You wouldn’t recognize any of the ingredients by appearance (or taste), I promise.

What Conditions Will Herbs Treat?

Although the study of herbs in the United States began just over two centuries ago, herbs and botanicals have been used to treat a wide range of health problems in Asia for thousands of years.

When used to facilitate healing in chronic, ongoing problems, herbal medicine has a great deal to offer. Studies have shown that herbs can treat internal disorders like colds, digestive disorders, insomnia, headaches, arthritis, skin disorders, asthma, and many other problems usually treated with pharmaceuticals and prescription medications.

And the best part is that when prescribed correctly, herbs have no negative side effects! They only contribute a healthier, more vibrant quality of life.

They can even be prescribed for acute injuries like a broken ankle or dislocated shoulder. Herbs are effective at stimulating and promoting healing of soft tissues, cartilage, and bones.

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