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Acupuncture Needles

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Acupuncture Needles Are Not Scary    

Needling therapy, otherwise known as acupuncture, is the insertion of small, solid needles into body tissue in order to produce a response. The overall response goal of this type of therapy is always to restore balance.

How is balance restored, you might ask? Most treatments will focus on reducing pain, promoting proper blood flow, equalizing immune function, and balancing organ function.

Acupuncture is more than just sticking small stainless steel rods in the body, of course. As your practitioner, I must consider which points are going to work best for your condition.

In addition, I need to know how deep to insert, what manipulation technique is going to produce the desired response and how long they should be left in.

I also need to consider what your basic body constitution is, whether or not your condition is primarily excess of deficient, acute or chronic, and originating from the exterior (weather/environmentally related) or from the interior (originating from lifestyle habits or genetically inherited).

All of these factors must be taken into account to achieve a good result.

How Deeply Are the Needles Inserted?

You may want to know “how deep do you really put those in?”. Well, that depends on 2 things: the acupoint being treated and your own unique body.

Each point has an optimum insertion depth and angle, but, this is different for every body. The depth also changes depending on your condition that is being treated. Essentially, the depth can range from insertion just below the skin to a few inches.

Shallow Insertion—inserted just below the skin to restore superficial blood flow and treat invading external pathogens(such as a virus) by influencing the Lung.

Medium Insertion—inserted barely into the skeletal muscles to stimulate immune response and activate the lymph system and restore fluid balance.

Deep Insertion—inserted deeply into the skeletal muscles to treat musculoskeletal problems (such as pain & injury) and to promote free flow of nutrients and blood to the organ systems.

What Happens After the Needles are Inserted?

Some manipulation or stimulation may be employed while the needles are inserted. They can be manipulated with a variety of methods such as lightly twisting and thrusting or flicking the needle…among others.

The goal in manipulation is to balance an excess or deficiency condition. This means that I am able to reduce an excess or build a deficiency by manipulating the needle in the correct way.

How Long Do the Needles Stay In?

Retention time refers to how long the needles stay in the body. The general range of retention may be a simple in-and-out technique to a retention time of 15-30 minutes. I determine the duration according to your condition.

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